Der Crash kommt (zurück?)

Anlässlich des 10-jährigen Buchjubiläums „Der Crash kommt“ ziehen die renommierten und unabhängigen Ökonomen Daniel Stelter und Helge Peukert sowie die Vorsitzender der LINKEN und promovierte Volkswirtin Sahra Wagenknecht Bilanz

Rettet unser Bargeld

Rettet unser Bargeld

Aktuelle Streitschrift von Prof. Max Otte.

Max Otte erklärt in seiner Streitschrift, warum wir gegen das drohende Bargeldverbot kämpfen müssen und was sie persönlich tun können.

Stoppt das Euro-Desaster

Stoppt das Euro-Desaster!

Streitschrift von Prof. Max Otte.

Was der Börsenexperte über die aktuelle Euro-Krise denkt und was er Anlegern rät.

Professor of International Relations & Political Science
Chair, Department of International Relations, Boston University ;


I first met Max Otte over twenty years ago at Princeton University, where we were both graduate students.  From the beginning, I was struck by his intelligence and drive. Max had a clear vision of how he would build on a rigorous grounding in economics, politics, and business studies to become a leading businessman and policy analyst. He approached everything he did with both a sense of excitement about learning and a larger sense of how it would contribute to his larger goals.

At one point, Max and I co-wrote a paper on U.S.-Japan relations that became a chapter in a book by Hans Maull; I still remember some of the lessons that I learned from Max about how to be a focused, policy-relevant writer.

Several years later, when we had an opening at Boston University for an assistant professor of international economics and business, I immediately thought of Max. His job talk was prescient:  it warned of the weak economic and political bases of the euro project. Max went on to teach at BU for several years, becoming a popular teacher as well as a fine colleague.

Eventually, his entrepreneurial projects back home in Germany became so successful that he made the decision to move back full-time.  While we were disappointed to see him go, his many successes since that time have confirmed that he did the right thing.